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  1. Bison Brisket, Asparagus Vichyssoise Cream
    (Lakeview Buffalo Farm; Belgium, WI)
    (Tipi Produce; Evansville, WI)

    Big Ease Lager
    (Lake Front Brewery)

    Petite Sirah (Stones Throw Winery)

    Local Catering Milwaukee WI

  2. Lamb Kofta, Harissa Sauce, Feta Snow, Legumes, Quark Cheese, Tzatiki
    (Pinn Oaks Farm; Delavan, WI.)
    (Flyte Family Farm; Coloma, WI.)
    (Clock Shadow Creamery; Milwaukee, WI.)

    Louie’s Demise (Milwaukee Brewery)
    Pinot Noir

    Local Catering Milwaukee WI

  3. Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Five Spice Cream, Apple Pear Compote, Autumn Purple Potato
    (Milwaukee Farmers Market)
    (Brightwoods Orchard)

    Coon Rock Cream Ale (Lake Louie Brewing, Arena, WI.)
    Marsh Moon Riesling (Pieper Porch Winery, Waukesha, WI.)

    Local Catering Milwaukee WI

  4. Rainbow Trout Meuniere, Forbidden Rice, Frizzled Leeks
    (Rushing Waters; Palmyra, WI.)
    (Growing Power; Milwaukee, WI.)

    Prairie Fumé (Wollersheim Winery)
    River West Amber Lager (Lake Front Brewery)

Local Catering Milwaukee WI

Lee John's is dedicated to doing our part in helping keep our environment and community beautiful.  To lessen our impact on the planet not only do we recycle but we are getting back to basics with our food. We strive to use as many locally produced products as possible.

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